Permanent Resident Visas (Green Cards)

There are many ways to become a permanent resident of the United States. Perhaps your spouse or fiance is an American citizen. Perhaps you qualify for a Permanent Employment Visa. Your parent or child may already be an American citizen. You may be an investor, scholar, artist, or other person of exceptional ability. Perhaps some other unusual circumstances or conditions qualify you to apply for Permanent Residence in the USA.

Whatever your case may be, you must meet very specific guidelines and regulations in order to qualify for a Green Card. The best way to ensure success is to use the services of a competent, experienced immigration lawyer.

I have been successfully representing immigrants to the United States for over twenty years. When you retain my services, you get my personal attention to your case from beginning to end. Your questions get answered, and your phone calls get returned. I limit the number of my clients each year, so that I can concentrate on your case.

I do immigration law. I don’t run a “supermarket” law firm that takes on everything from traffic tickets to trespassing violations. I am proud of my work and you will be, too!

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