Marriage Visas

If you have married a Citizen of the United States and wish to live together in the United States, then your spouse must apply to the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) for permission for you to immigrate to the U.S.

If you have been married less than two years, and you are granted permission to come to the United States, you will be given Conditional Residence for two years.  This is NOT a permanent Immigrant Visa.  After two years, you and your spouse must apply to have the condition removed before you are allowed to remain in the U.S. permanently.

U.S. Immigration law can be confusing, and it is easy to make mistakes, as Eduardo did (not his real name).  We do not advise trying to make applications and petitions by yourself.
A competent, experienced Immigration lawyer can smooth the path to your Permanent Resident Visa (green card).

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