Employer Assistance

You want your foreign worker to begin work as soon as possible and start contributing to your productivity. You need an employment visa, and you don’t want to get tangled in an endless maze of bureaucracy and regulations.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been making employers’ lives easier for decades. We’ve helped employers bring temporary laborers, specialized workers, educators, medical professionals and skilled management personnel to their workplaces.

But you have to comply with U.S. Immigration law. Hiring a temporary worker or permanent worker from another country can be confusing and frustrating, or it can be simplified with the help of an experienced, competent immigration lawyer.

You don’t really care what the proper visa is called – Permanent Employment Visa, Temporary Worker Visa, H1-B, H2, R-1, Special Worker Visa – you just want the worker in your workplace with as few problems as possible. Getting the right employment visa is our job.

We’ll help you tailor your search process to ensure that it complies with U.S. Immigration law requirements. We’ll help you document your job description so that U.S. Immigration authorities understand exactly why you need a foreign temporary worker visa or permanent worker visa. We’ll help you document the fact that you can’t find an American worker to fill the position.

The bottom line? You get the best possible chance of putting your foreign worker to work as soon as possible We’ll spend the time and energy worrying and organizing your case.

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